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Tomorrow without fail

The mid-morning magazine of Radio Identia, reporting on the local and provincial level, in a relaxed air and with a place for art, ecology, sports and education. The stable team of Mañana without fail is joined by an important list of columnists, who every day give their touch to the morning of the radio. As the icing on the cake, every Friday around noon, we put aside politics and the news of the week, and dedicate ourselves to music: we rescue the tradition of picadita with artists who visit us and give us their music, in between of the aroma at the weekend, which already appears and says goodbye to us until Monday. Radio keeps you company wherever you are, and Tomorrow without fail is Radio Identia's option for mornings in Merlo and El Valle. From Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Hosted by: Mónica Braile, Gustavo Ramos and Gisela Caputo

Technical operation and sports comments: Facundo Arias

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Martín Ramos Productor - Asesor de Radio podcast - Editor